I Promise I Will Take You There

Hi, i'm Christopherson! I love all music! I'm taken by the most majestic girl in the world!

I’m going to more shows this month than i did last year.
God Sex Weapons
Who killed spikey jacket?
Government of sheep.
What a good september!
College tomorrow.

frank iero and the cellabration || 8.25.14 [3/3]

Reason number 334 of why i regret moving because i used to live 15 mins from this place.

(via give-me-all-your-hopeless-hearts)


the lack of cuddling i am experiencing right now is upsetting 

(via give-me-all-your-hopeless-hearts)

ipromiseiwilltakeyouthere asked: JAKE! don't change anything you're cute.



you’re too sweet, man. thank you <3 

No problemó!

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