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Hi, i'm Christopherson! I love all music!. I'm taken by the most majestic girl in the world


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So cool! “Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many.”

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Anonymous asked: Hey, I've been skating for almost a year now and I'm still really bad, which I expected, considering it's only been 10 months. The only trick I can really do is an ollie (and pop shove its if I try but I haven't focused much on those yet.) Anyway, I'm a huge fan of the skate scene, I own Thrasher merch but everytime I wear them I feel like I'm a poser because I'm really bad at skating. Should I stop wearing this shit until I get better?



Like I’ve said several times before, I answer all non-anonymous Tumblr mail I get, but I don’t normally answer anonymous mail, cuz I don’t like that Tumblr forces me to post it to my wall instead of being able to answer it privately. (Come on, Tumblr!  Fix that shit!  We can put a man on the moon, but I can’t answer anonymous mails privately?)

But this one’s important.  This one NEEDS answering.  Nobody’s gonna quit skating and/or supporting Thrasher on MY watch, dammit.  So I’m breaking my rule.  AGAIN.

Here’s my answer to your question, Anon:

The difference between a real skateboarder and a poser has nothing to do with skill level and everything to do with your intentions and your dedication.  If you genuinely love skateboarding and are constantly pushing yourself to get better or try scarier things or go faster or even just to maintain the level you’re at, it’d be pretty hard for someone to tell you you’re a poser, even if all you can do is ollie.  Fuck that, even if you CAN’T ollie.

A poser is someone who only has a skateboard for fashion.  (Nothing against fashion; fashion’s awesome, but a skateboard is NOT a fashion accessory.)

So basically, Anon: keep skating.  Keep supporting Thrasher.  If you genuinely love skateboarding (as a participant, not as a guy who sits on a skateboard to smoke cigarettes and look moody) stop worrying about being a poser.

And anybody else reading this who’s been thinking about starting skateboarding but is scared of being a poser (or being CALLED a poser):  fuck that.  Start skateboarding NOW.  All you gotta do to not be a poser is NOT BE A POSER.  Learn to skate NOW.  You’re gonna die someday.

Let’s finish this off with an apt quote from Lance Mountain:

"Skateboarding doesn’t make you a skateboarder.  Not being able to stop skateboarding make you a skateboarder."





Why oh why is the see you in hell tour not coming remotely near me?!

Mega sad face

You like kuza!?

If by ‘like’ you mean obsessively listen to both EPs at least twice a day then yes lol

He was so nice the times I met him. Everyone else thought he was Chris. I’m like hey Kuza whats up man!

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