I Promise I Will Take You There

Hi, i'm Christopherson! I love all music! I'm taken by the most majestic girl in the world!

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This is a curious one: an antique miniature all-bisque “frozen Charlotte” doll in a little metal coffin, embossed with the letters “Don’t Talk So Much.” What does it mean?

Photo credit: eBay seller ID “alder318”

Close your mouth / Open your eyes

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halloween should be 1 week long


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tumblr punk: I believe in supporting bands and being open minded.

*skips all songs on dash that they haven’t heard before and which do not have a lot of notes in order to reblog that same johnny hobo song everybody knows with 454646464 notes*

*will almost never give random unheard music with low notes on dash the time of day*

yea. “up the punx” more like “up the trendy shit, ignore everything else”, right? lawl tumblr sometimes 

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